Course Curriculum

  • 1

    STEP 1 Fill Out This Form First

    • Want Your Funnels Built In Your Own Account, So You have Complete Control?

  • 2

    Master Class (Private Interviews)

    • Equipment You Need To Open School

    • My Secret To Start, Stay and Succeed With A School.

    • Everything You Need To Know

    • Chin Speaking (Sharing Leverage, Lifestyle and Legacy)

    • Your Gifts Will Make Room For You

    • Top Schools Use This Secret Marketing System To Steal Potential Students

    • Meet Susan (Owner of 4 Paul Mitchell Schools)

    • Meet Nathan (Former Auditor for The United States Department of Education -GRANTS EXPERT)

    • Meet Marquita (Accountant Specializing With Beauty Professionals and School Owners) Part 1

    • Meet Marquita (Accountant Specializing With Beauty Professionals and School Owners) Part 2

    • Chin (Sharing NACCAS Accreditation Info / Q & A)

    • How Schools Are Operating During COVID19

    • School Owners Masterclass Marketing Ads

    • How To Brand / Market Yourself While On A Shoestring Budget (Season Bennett aka The Social Barber)

    • Meet The Social Barber (Season Bennett part 2)

    • From 7th Grade Dropout To School Owner (Mont of Kustom Kutz Barber College)

    • MEET VJ- From Barbershop Owner To Successful School Owner of Legendary Institute

    • Meet Miguel- From $5 Haircuts To Celebrity Barber To School Owner

    • Case Study- Small School Use The Same Secret Marketing Systems That The Big Corporate Schools Use

    • Meet Brad- From Fireman To School Owner To School Director

    • Celebrity Hair Stylist Loses 60 Pounds In 60 Days

    • Meet Stay Ready Nail School Owner (Cynthia-Part2)

    • Mastermind (Meet Shan-Helping You Fill Your Shop With Employees, Boothrenters, Commission Workers)

    • Meet Sandra (How To Figure Out Your Numbers With Your Business)

    • How Sharonda Went From Salon Owner To School Owner and Published Author

    • Private 1 on 1 With Gold Member (Completing NACCAS Annual Report)

    • Mastermind Meeting (Chin Teaching On Partnerships)

    • How To Create Your Own Product Line -Roy

    • Meet Chris Davis- From Nail Salon Owner To Nail School Owner

    • School Blueprint Mastermind 21721

    • Millionaire Barber School Blueprint Mastermind 2.24.21

    • Interview With J. Sanders

    • Millionaire Barber Mastermind 3.10.21

  • 3

    #1 SCHOOL / STUDENT ENROLLMENT PACKET (Catalog, Enrollment Agreement, Registration Form, Orientation Forms, Licensure Forms, Check List and Documents

    • Mastermind Class Enrollment Orientation Class 1

    • Mastermind Class Enrollment Orientation Class 2

    • School Enrollment Documents and More! VIDEOS

    • Registration Form (PDF)

    • Registration Form (Word Version)

    • Enrollment Agreement (PDF)

    • Orientation Pre Enrollment Receipt (Word Version)

    • Orientation Pre Enrollment Receipt (PDF)

    • Student Orientation Checklist (PDF)

    • Student Orientation Checklist (Word Version)

    • Catalog (PDF)

    • Catalog (Word Version)

    • Satisfactory Academic Progress Report (PDF)

    • Satisfactory Academic Progress Report (Word Version)

    • Advisory Committee Survey (Word Version)

    • Advisory Committee Survey (PDF)

    • Current Student Survey (Word)

    • Current Student Survey (PDF)

    • Graduate Exit Survey (Word Version)

    • Graduate Exit Survey (PDF)

    • Employers of Graduates Survey (WORD)

    • Employers of Graduates Survey (PDF)

    • Student Sign In Sheet (Time Clock) - Word Document

    • Student Sign In Sheet (PDF)

    • Graduation Certificate (Pdf)

    • Counseling Student Form (WORD)

    • Counseling Student Form (PDF)

    • Instructor Evaluation Form

    • Enrollment Agreement Addendum

    • Refund Calculation (WORD)

    • Refund Calculation (PDF)


  • 4


    • Want Your State Board Rules and Regulations

  • 5


    • The School Business Plan

    • Business Plan CHECKLIST Training

    • Mastermind School Business Plan Training

    • School Business Plan (Click Link and Download Word Document To Your Computer- Copy-Cut and Paste)

    • School Business Plan (Click Link and Download PDF Version)

  • 6

    #4 Employee Application and Handbook

    • Employee Application Form

    • Employee Application Form (Click Link and Download Word Document To Your Computer- Copy-Cut and Paste)

    • Employee Handbook Detailed Version (Click Link and Download Word Document To Your Computer- Copy-Cut and Paste)

    • Employee Handbook Detailed Version

  • 7


    • FREE Webinar (How I Opened A Barber Styling School, Accredited, Received Grants/Financial Aid)

    • Introduction-How To Open A Profitable School

    • Part 2 Intro To HowTo Open A School

  • 8

    #7 Wholesale Vendor Contacts

    • Wholesale Vendors Contacts ($1,295 Value)

    • Wholesale Vendor List and Contacts (Direct LINKS)

  • 9


    • Candidate Schools Steps to Becoming Accredited

    • Schedule of Fees To Accreditation

    • Facts About Fees For Accreditation

    • 2022 NACCAS Handbook

    • NACCAS-Application For Candidate Status (Gold Member Completing Filling Out Application)

    • Steps To Becoming Accredited (Video)

  • 10

    Private Student Loan Information

    • Private Student Loan Lenders

About the instructor

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Millionaire Barber

This is the instructor section. You can use this space to tell and show your students who you are and why you're the perfect person to teach the course you're offering. You can talk about your work and education history, and really anything else that shows off who you are so your students get excited about learning from you. You're the expert after all, this is your chance to shine!

What others have been saying about this course:

How I Opened A Profitable Barber Style School Online Course is Designed to arm you with EVERYTHING YOU NEED to Quickly & Easily Open Your School, Accreditation, Financial Aid/Grants, Wholesale Vendors, 140 Page Policy Procedure Manual and...

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