Course Curriculum

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    • Free 14 Trial ClickFUNNELS Account

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    Step 1 Watch This Must See Training First (Sign Up Below, If You Have Not)

    • Watch This Must See Sign Up FREE Training!

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    BOUNUS: Everything You Need To Know About Clickfunnels

    • 1 How To Register For Clickfunnels

    • 2 How To Sign Up

    • 3 How To Write The Copy For Clickfunnels

    • 4 How To Add A Video In Clickfunnels

    • 5 How To Create A Quiz or Survey Form For Clickfunnels

    • 6 How To Embed Acuity Scheduling Clickfunnels

    • 7 Clickfunnels How To Change A Link Name (Bitly Link)

    • 8 How To Set Up The Facebook Pixel In

    • 9 How To Clone Funnel, Build, Upload /Add Picture, Add Link

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    BONUS: INSTAGRAM SECRETS (From A $5,000 Workshop)

    • How To Easily Attract Customers On Social Media

    • The Secret To Writing A Winning Bio (That 99% Don't Know)

    • How The Gurus Post and Properly Use Hashtags

    • Learn How To Create Automated Forms To Attract Clients and Close Sales (Jotform, Survey, Quiz Forms)

    • How To Create An Instagram Automated Business System (Charge Clients $500)

    • 7 The Top Must Have Apps For Instagram

    • How To Use 2020 Videos On IG

  • 5

    Automated Sales Funnels

    • 7 Figure Sales Funnel For High Ticket Items and Services

    • Kim Kimble 1 Page Funnel Building With Automated Appointment Scheduler

  • 6

    Automated Email Sequences

    • How To Set Up An Automated Email Sequence (Convertkit, Clickfunnels)

  • 7

    How To Write, Publish and Market Your Book

    • Ultimate Guide To Publishing Your Book

    • Help With Book Cover Graphics

    • Book Template

    • 48 Hour Book Video Link

    • 48 Hour Book Link

    • 48 Hour Book Self Publishing Link

    • 48 Hour Book Pricing Link

    • Free Marketing Tools

    • Public Speaking Session 1

    • Public Speaking Session 2

    • Public Speaking Session 3

    • Public Speaking Session 4


    • Public Speaking For Beginners Go Zero to Hero

    • Public_Speaking Dynamism

    • PublicSpeaking How to Magnetize & Amaze Your Audience

    • PublicSpeaking_Terror toTriumph

    • Speaking Contract

  • 8

    Facebook and Instagram Ads

    • Case Study: Facebook and Instagram Ad For Hair Stylist Monika

    • Kolor Lounge Case Study Lesson 1 Facebook / Instagram Ad

    • Kolor Lounge Case Study Lesson 2 Facebook / Instagram Ad

    • Kolor Lounge Case Study Lesson 3 Facebook / Instagram Ad

    • Kolor Lounge Case Study Lesson 4 Facebook / Instagram Ad

    • Kolor Lounge Case Study Lesson 5 Facebook / Instagram Ad

    • Kolor Lounge Case Study (From Start To Finish) Facebook / Instagram Ad

    • Kolor Lounge (How To Create Facebook Pixel)

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