Super Hero Branding Secrets

One Brand Away

Are You Ready To Learn The "SECRET" That Influencers & Marketers Don't Want You To Know

What is One Brand Away?

It's the only Master Course build your BRAND from A to Z. 

You will have immediate Lifetime Access!

It is NOT just another “how to” course on Branding.

It is NOT about just building a brand and selling products and attracting clients- these secrets will help you reach those goals.

One Brand Away is A SHORTCUT.

The Blueprint For Branding. Learn These Systems or Start Preparing To Close Your Business.

I personally have made a few million dollars with these Branding principles and systems. You now have access to all of the processes, strategies, systems, apps tools, copy writing that we use to BRAND our businesses. 

Course Curriculum

How To Create Automated Emails (ConvertKit)
Behind The Scene of Razor Chic's 7 Figure Website
You Suddenly Lose EVERYTHING...How To Save Yourself In 30 Days...
Most Important Things Your Website Should Say
Exact Blueprint To Sell A $10k Course
Private Masters Class With Personal Brand Expert "Markeith Braden"
BONUS (How To Get Business FUNDING with NO Credit/Bad Credit)

What's included?

69 Videos
16 Texts
3 PDFs
Millionaire Barber
Millionaire Barber
Instructor Title

About the instructor

After spending thousands of dollars and wasting countless hours traveling to numerous Man Weave Classes across the country, I did not want any other Barber to have to experience what I had to experience to learn and master The Man Weave Unit System.

I get it! Many Barbers across the country reached out to me on Instagram @MillionaireBarber and @ManWeaveUnit. You told me you were tired of wasting money on traveling, food, gas hotel and class fees that did not teach you everything that you needed to know. You complained about the  instructors NOT showing you everything that you needed to know, because they wanted you to spend your hard earned money on another class. I know you were disappointed, lost and frustrated after you attended their class. Yes, I wasted my time and money too, traveling to Man Weave Classes and after I got back home and tried the techniques in the shop, I realized that they left out a lot of steps in the Man Weave Classes, plus they did NOT give you all of their personal contacts and they expected you to know about insurance, client consultations, where to buy your products and how to market the Man Weave Unit.

Who Is The Man Weave Unit Founder?

Uchendi "Chin" Nwani aka @millionairebarber

Author of The Millionaire Barber Stylist

Author of The Millionaire Ex-Convict

Creator of How To Start A Barber Styling School

1990 Licensed Master Barber

1993 Barber Shop Owner

1998 Licensed Master Barber Instructor

1998 Barber Styling School Owner 

2001 School Accredited By NACCAS

2001 School Receives Pell Grants and Financial Aid

2011 Owner of Largest Barber College

2013 Creates Multiple Digital Barber Online Courses

2014 6 Figure Instagram Post With @BarberShopConnect

2015 Trains Entrepreneurs to create 6 figure online businesses

2017 Creates Man Weave Unit Online Course that over a thousand barbers from instagram have taken the course 

Chin aka @millionairebarber @manweaveunit

What others have been saying about this course:

  • NEED Customers and Sales? Without This Your Business Will DIE!
  • Discover Everything You Need To Know About Auditing, Growing and Monetizing Instagram Accounts! 
  • Over 850 million people on Instagram and less than 1% have their accounts set up properly. 
  • You can become an Instagram Consultant by enrolling in this course. 
  • Learn how you can earn $10k per month in Passive Income with only 100 customers. Click the link below to START NOW! Got 
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